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Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is an out lesbian and actress whose career first took off in the movie Best In Show. She is now up in the pop culture stratosphere with her portrayal of conniving cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in the hit show Glee.

Jane is engaged to be married to her partner, Dr Lara Embry. Here's a cute video they released on Saturday promoting the National Center for Lesbian Rights anniversary celebration:

It was announced last week that Jane would receive the 14th Annual Achievement Award from OutFest. "As an actor, comedienne and longtime activist for gay rights issues, Jane has had a profound impact on both mainstream and LGBT audiences," said Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director of the L.A. based organisation.

Jane is just fabulous in anything she appears in, from The L Word to The 40-Year Old Virgin to Julie & Julia, or hilarious web spoofs with a serious message such as this one:

Yay Jane! We love you!